Monday, February 27, 2012

Hi, Thanks for checking out our website. My name is Gina. My husband Paul and I are the owners and proprietors of White Cloud Alpaca Farm.


We are all loving the unseasonably warm weather. Nice to see the Alpacas out in the fields in February!MI-Alpaca is a group of great MI. Alpaca owners, lovers & a few future Alpaca Owners. We had the Annual meeting the beginning of February. Location was Frankenmuth. We toured a fiber mill. I have had the tour before but enjoyed hearing everything again. I took along.14 pounds of Alpaca fiber to be processed. The group then went off to dinner where there was a great speaker from U.S. Dept of Agriculture. He talked about all the grants available for Alpaca owners & breeders. Most of the grants available are for farms that have been in business for 10 yrs. or less. I have more info if your interested.

Check out our Sales Page. We are putting some of our Alpacas up for sale at great buy now prices. The Alpaca Corner-February Special all the womans Alpaca Capes on sale for 15% off Shearing Season-We will soon start calling and emailing our customers to set dates for spring shearing. We hope to have a 3rd hand this year to help with the shearing. If you are interested in having us shear your Alpacas and/or Llamas, please call or email as soon as possible. Thanks.