Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Open House Last weekend-Oct.6, 2012

 Thanks to everyone that braved the cold & rain to come out to our Open House last weekend. We had a great time dispite the cold

This was the 1st year that we teamed up with the Old Farm Girl & Friends Fiber Event and I think it was a big hit. The joining of wonderful fibers and Animals was a great thing.

 The kids enjoyed walking Llama Red around. Our grandson James at the ripe old age of 2 yrs old, enjoys showing other kids how to walk Red & the Alpacas and makes sure they do it right:)

 The food was great and the Hot Chocolate, Chili & Gumbo helped to keep people warm.
 Thanks Also to Evelyn, "The Old Farm Girl" and the other Fiber Arts ladies for making the day great. I know that people were loving all the different fibers and Evelyn sold 1 of her beautiful spinning wheels. 

 What great colors
The heating lamp helped keep the inside of the tent warm so the ladies could spin.

and such a great face
Norm, as always, was a big hit. He is just so friendly & curious

These are pictures of Dolli Llama and his goat friend. We took them in a week before our Open House and are happy to say they have been re-homed!  They went to their new home the day of the Open House. We are so happy for all

a few of our chickens. The one on the left is our little bani hen and the other is one of our meat birds that got away. 

Jelly Bean farm was nice enough to bring along a few of their Angora Bunnies for all to enjoy

Wow these ladies have talent

Our pigs were just laying back watching all the excitement

Venus and Jasmin were great helps at the Open House. They would make great farm hands if I could only convince them that poop patrol really isn't that bad

Some pictures of our temporary clothing & more store. " The Alpaca Corner"
Everything that didn't sell has been put back at our store in This Old House Antiques & Resale, Newaygo.

We have more clothing on the way. Some great new items will be in just in time for Christmas and the extra cold weather.

 White Cloud Alpacas had a drawing for a $30. gift certificate. Congratulations Wendy Muir, this years winner.

Don't feel like you need to wait for our next open house to come visit. Just give us a call. Now that fall is hear, things have slowed down a bit and we have time to enjoy the animals and they are much more active now that it's not 90 plus degrees out

We will be updating our events page soon so please check back for future events. Thanks