Sunday, April 27, 2014


Well it's been a great & busy week.

We planted 20 sweet cherry trees during the week. When I say we, I mean mostly Paul, planted 20 sweet cherry trees during the week. I did help once the holes were dug and the fertilizer (alpaca poop) was mixed in :-) Can't wait until they look like the picture and we are enjoying them.

Next we-I cleaned the barn. A few more hours and it will be complete. Well as complete as a barn with 14 Alpacas pooping daily, too many chickens to count & 1 friendly turkey can be. It was good enough for shearing.
We had a great day shearing all the Alpacas and had some great helpers! Thanks to our neighbor Kelly and our new found alpaca friends Eric & Lisa for all your help. I think they actually enjoyed the day. Usually we don't get repeat help

The picture is of a little guy named speedy. Wish we would have taken an after picture. He is adorable and is going to his new home with 1 of our other alpacas this week. I will miss seeing the little guys go they are so much fun to watch playing in the field.

So now we are on to a crazy schedule of  shearing Llamas & Alpacas around the state. Every weekend and some weekdays for the next 6 weeks.

BUT... We also have gardening on the mind
We always have a garden that's almost to big to handle and definitely more then we can eat so we have decided to have a community garden.
3 lovely lady friends of ours will be helping with the garden this year. We have lots of land and lots of fertilizer (alpaca, chicken, pig poop & we know where to get horse & cow poop if necessary)
Together we have great plans for the future & others that would like to join in. Sharing a garden for the 1st time we are going to start with just a small group and see how things go.

We did buy a new toy for the garden (Paul loves new toys) It's a 5 ft. rototiller for the back of our 1951 john deer tractor. We are hoping but not completely sure that the tractor will be strong enough for the tiller. We'll find out this week. Wish us luck

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